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Digital Graffiti Experience

Our fully interactive Texas-sized digital graffiti wall will give your next big activation, SXSW launch, music festival or party the artistic creativity and social engagement it deserves!

Using state-of-the-art technology guests replicate the urban graffiti experience without any mess or toxic fumes.

Our Spray Paint Wall gives the user the most intuitive and realistic graffiti art
capabilities imaginable. Capable of more than just creating art, you’ll also able to save, print and share your creations with the world.

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Digital Graffiti Features

Leave your mark than on our HUGE 10 foot wide by 7.5 foot high Graffiti Wall. In its’ most elemental form, “urban graffiti” or “street art” has always been used to SHARE A MESSAGE with others.

Urban graffiti has not only been seen by the fortunate few, but by the masses. Sharing your message is paramount to us and in this new digital era we’ve COME TO SHARE. Our Graffiti Wall has the Social Sharing capability to create, save and share your art through various outlets including; Email, Twitter & Facebook.

While we enjoy sharing our art through technology, we take great pride in our professional printing services. We have the capabilities to produce your fresh creations on lab quality prints. Moments are for sharing, memories are for PRINT!

Unlimited Digital Paint

Digital Props & Stencils

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16 x 16 Footprint

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