Boldly going where no photo booth has gone before!

Our ultra portable photo booths can be taken places where others just can’t go!

Our Roadie Booth is reminiscent of an iconic musicians road case and fits right in with any event here in the Live Music Capitol of the World. While it looks like it is built for touring on the outside, the Roadie was really designed to take gorgeous photos. Equipped with the latest professional photo imaging equipment and soft diffused light, your guests won’t want to leave this booth. Their photos will look THAT good!

Our brand new Mod Pod is eye candy for the trendsetters and tech savvy trail blazers. It has a super sleek exterior, and just like the Roadie, the inside is filled to the brim with top of the line technology that produces stunning images of you and your guests. But that’s not all it can do! This photo booth is a virtual rocket ship capable of blasting you off into faraway places with its green screen, GIF and VR capabilities.

No matter which booth is the right fit for your event, you can be assured that you will have an abundance of options available to you. Seating and backdrop options are limitless due to the open design of our setup, allowing the booth itself to become the social activity during any event. Even if your event is taking place inside, we can make sure you are provided with a great backdrop. Our optional backdrop sets will give you a solid contrast for your special occasion.

100% Unlimited photos

Large groups, small groups, and groups in between our TRUE UNLIMITED PACKAGES are the most popular on the scene.


No more bridesmaids fighting over who is going to get the only two photo strips. EVERYONE from Nana to your cousin’s new boyfriend will get their own print.

While other companies can put a hefty charge for features similar to our stellar TRUE UNLIMITED PACKAGE, we like to send our clients and their guests home smiling and not worried about if they’ll get a printout or not.

Photos can be further customized with the addition of your logo, text, colors or theme which is INCLUDED for ALL of our TRUE UNLIMITED PACKAGES.

designs tailored to you

Made to order designs along with a gallery of ready-made designs to peruse through for inspiration! A theme for every event and a design for any occasion, we’re ready to leave an impression!

Upgrade to the ultra share package

Looking at entertaining or marketing to the masses? Our years of experience in the event industry have allowed us to acquire the best in Social Media Sharing and Social Media Printing. Allow your guests to quickly send event photos to their Email, Cell Phone, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts via our iPad Kiosk Ultra Share Station.

This upgrade is a must have for Branding & Interactive Marketing events, Music Festivals, weddings or any event which has a large guest list you wish to engage with during and after the event!

Wifi must be provided and available for our Ultra Share Station to work effectively and in real time. Please contact us for more info.

The Roadie Package

“A La Carte Photo Booth”

2 Hours


3 Hours


4 Hours


Additional hours – $115/hour

Unlimited Sessions & Print Per Patron –  Each group will experience the studio quality our Roadie Photo Booth is known for and the lighting fast prints it can produce for you and your group. EVERYONE who takes a photo walks away with a beautiful 2x6 strip of their very own! Whether you have a group of 4 or 12, everyone in the group is ensured a print.

Delivery & Setup + Breakdown – We’ll arrive approx. one hour prior to your start time to load in, calibrate and get your Roadie Experience started on time as well as the post breakdown after your rental time is has come to an end.

Design Shop Access – Your very own gallery of beautifully prefabbed designs that you can browse, choose and have further customized for a print as unique as your event.  We can also add in simple logos for company parties or any other organizations.

Experience Ambassador – A highly trained and wonderfully enthusiastic team is there for you from beginning to end.

Online View & Share – Your very own photo gallery hosted on our website from your entire event to view download and share! Password protection is optional and included standard.

A La Carte Options

Additional Rates Apply

Social Share Upgrade – Be the social butterfly you were always meant to be with this wonderful upgrade. Social networks like; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS text & custom email. * Venue Wifi/ Client will be responsible for providing a strong and accessible wifi connection for Ultra Share to work in real time.

Backdrop Upgrade – Our backdrop selection is growing every month as we like to keep fun and fresh backdrops in stock and available to our clients. This upgrade includes any backdrop in our lineup including: Glam Sequin backdrops, interactive Sequin Backdrops and any of our Pillowcase style backdrops.

Prop Upgrade – As random as we love to be, your prop selection will be geared toward your special event to help promote the occasion and the guests of honor. A curated set of signage props will be provided as an upgrade with our Roadie Photo Booth Package. We no longer provide wearable props like hats, sunglasses, boas & wigs as they tend to soil quickly and are difficult to sanitize during event.

Photo Filter Upgrade – Filtered to perfection, our photo filters range from the a high contrast to the skin smoothing beauty filter. Glow bright with a fun set of filters to choose from with this upgrade.

Cloud Album via Dropbox Upgrade – Via Dropbox Cloud Drive link. Access your event on almost any device without the worry of losing any of your photos on a Disk or USB drive. All photos on your Cloud Drive will be unbranded and ready for sharing.


2 Hours


3 Hours


4 Hours


Additional hours  – $115/hour