Case Study RTX Austin 2018

Request: RTX is the world’s greatest celebration of gaming, animation, comedy, and internet culture. We would like to see social photo solutions located in multiple areas with a central focus on guest engagement and brand recognition. Social Media platform sharing will be paramount in ensuring our guests not only engage with RTX exclusive photo ops but to easily share them with the rest of the community and world.

Details: The 3-day convention will be held in the over 240,000 square foot Austin Convention Center. Some “Photo Activation Spaces” areas will have more room while others have very limited space with regard to guest and vendor foot traffic. We have a LARGE space in mind where a “focal activation” can be used. Our “Guardians” (Dedicated RTX volunteers) would love to help promote and possibly engage with a few of the activations as to further immerse our guests with our unique and active culture.

Proposal: We would like to build out three stylized photo activations which will be branded to the look and “feel” as an extension of RTX Austin. The entire engagement will be made measurable with tailor-made microsites with real-time social engagement analytics. We will also offer activation training for the “RTX Guardians” and on-site photo experience managers will be available and present during the duration of the convention to help with tech and logistics.

RTX Austin Graffiti Wall – “Large Central Activation” – this will be the anchor and the main focal activation placed in a central location with lots of guests engaging and admiring the Graffiti Wall. The Graffiti Wall will include our green screen feature which will allow guests to inset themselves in a variety of backgrounds while the large screen stays fully branded with a custom overlay and Print out. Guests will also be able to share their graffiti wall experience directly to their email which can then be shared to any of guests personal social media accounts.

RTX VIP Magical Mirror – “VIP Only Activation” – Our beautiful full-length Victorian style “Mirror Booth” will have a full set of RTX Austin animations and graphics that will play for each VIP guest who wishes to get their commemorative VIP photo experience. Animations will utilize the flagship RTX characters which have been used for all of the advertising and promotions for the convention. Custom print out + Digital overlays will be made just for this activation. The Magic Mirror will allow guests to share directly from the mirror via SMS text messaging.

RTX GifPod Social Kiosks – “Multiple Standalone Activations” – The front line of social engaging crowds of guests will be three GifPod social kiosks which can be spread out and placed anywhere in the convention with little to no required labor to operate. The fully animated user-friendly interface will allow guests to take animated boomerang style gifs that can then be shared to directly via SMS text or Email. Guests will receive a branded and built microsite which will allow them to engage with RTX social accounts and retail store. The Microsite is made to measure with real time gif tracking technology and easy to read analytics to see how guests are engaging with the 3 photo activations working simultaneously over the 3 day convention.

Post Experience Report – Over the course of the 3 day RTX Austin Convention there were over 2,800 total social shares with an estimated reach of over 160,000 views and over 620,000 social impressions a week after the last day of the event with numbers steadily growing as people share. We also had more than 535 guests walking away with exclusive printouts from the Graffiti Wall & Magic Mirror combined. Guests were very happy to keep a part of their experience digitally and physically with the multiple activations running.

The RTX Guardians were the true heroes as they were the first line of contact for all of our photo activations and spent hours engaging guests with some of the most technologically advance photo activation systems.

Our goal was to give guests something that was genuinely RTX by building around the company’s culture and brand which is more than just annual convention but a family of multimedia makers and their loyal fans who make up this amazingly diverse community.