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The Bat Phone is where modern technology meets nostalgic form factor in our easy to use Audio Guestbook built for the contemporary wedding & party. Give your guests a fun & unique way to send you well wishes with The Bat Phone!

How The Bat Phone works
Guests pick up the phone -> a personalized message plays and prompts guests to leave a message after the beep -> Guests leave their special message and well wishes -> they hang up the phone -> rinse & repeat!

Who is The Bat Phone for?
The most popular events will be social events like weddings, birthdays, holiday celebrations, retirement parties, bat/bar mitzvahs, corporate events, SXSW events and so much more.

Where can the

Hello phone go?

Independent from internet connectivity & a steady power source the Hello Phone is ready to go where you go! From the Heart of the Hill Country to the cool waters of Lady Bird Lake, our phone will bring your next party a fun and memorable engagement.


Battery Powered and built to outlast your party! The Hello Phone is ready to go the distance with its easy to transport hardware & small footprint, we’re sure to find space for your Hello Phone Experience.


An Iconic look that’s as impressive as the technology behind The Hello Phone. We believe the experience of sharing your well wishes should feel natural, simple & uniquely fun. This is why we’ve brought back one of the most celebrated designs of the 20st century.


Using the latest in micro computing and audio record technology we’ve refined numerous prototypes which have ultimately led us to The Hello Phone we know and love today. The Hello Phone allows you to greet, record, edit and archive your guests’ messages.


Guest voice messages are saved in a video (mp4) format so you can quickly and easily share to your favorite on social channels after your event. You’ll get ALL the messages (even the one’s guests might prefer you didn’t!)


You can greet guests with your very own playback message or use one of our prerecorded playback messages on file! We’re also able to change your Audio Album Cover to your favorite photo of you and yours. This Audio Album Cover will show up on the playback for the MP4 Recording which can then be shared on your favorite social media platforms.

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Our virtual photo experience can be used to celebrate milestone life events, such as a wedding, mitzvah, birthday or anniversary. Other uses include community wide campaigns to support “hometown heroes”, promotion of local small businesses, politicians running for office, virtual happy hours, online conferences and so much more! 

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