A slow motion video of a camera revolving around a woman in the Studio 360 at RTX Austin


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360° Videos

Engage with your guests on a whole new level with our immersive Studio360 Video Experience.

Promote your events surrounding action while your guests capture their “bullet-time” trip into this one of a kind experience.

Slow-Motion Enabled with optional; graphic overlays, curated music, branded “outtro” videos, super speed motion, boomerang effects can really set your activation apart from the “average event”. 

Two men standing on the Studio 360 Platform with Bats at a halloween event in Austin Texas

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Studio 360 Features

Unlock your inner celebrity with unlimited “360 Sessions” during the entirety of your scheduled experience. From start to finish, each “360 Session” averages around 90-120 seconds to produce. Allow us to produce your guests Studio360 Experience which can include a multitude of custom features and options to give your event a specific output and feel.

Our patented 360 Degree Platform has been built for portability, durability and simplicity in mind. The average space required for our set up is a flat and level 15×15 foot square area which will include space for our studio tri-lighting system to help illuminate your guests for the most optimal video output.

Slow Motion Video

Optional Confetti

Music & Graphic Overlays

Onsite Sharing

Data Capture & Analytics

Optional Branding

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